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Inspiring Flower Lovers Worldwide

As Thursd magazine said, we are “the ecuadorian grower that is setting New Standards in the floral industry”. Mystic’s definition of innovation is having an integrated strategy of market research focused on trends paired with ultimate sustainable practices that guarantee an on-trend and top-quality portfolio.

The force of the Garden Type Roses

Garden-type roses are a must for florists when designing with a highly perceivable value, romanticism, and elegance. They are known for their exquisite layered bloom with a large number of petals that elevate the traditional rose experience.

Red Is Always In

We will show you on-trend floral ideas for your wedding ceremony with Mystic’s timeless red flowers that will make you stand out.

A Color Revolution

This magazine is design to inspire modern-day women. This being, determined women, who like doing things differently and think outside the box. In this issue,

Shades of Valentine’s

Let’s talk V-Day…
Nothing grows in comfort zones and this also applies to traditional Valentine’s colors. Floral artists around the world are exploring new ways of highlighting the classical red with other color combinations like orange, lilacs, and of course pinks!
So for this Valentine’s season, we invite you to leave no stone unturned and innovate with your color selection.

Red is always in

Red is found in all the new and exciting floral trends since it’s a color that works great in different color palettes.

Get inspired by these trends!