All You Need to Know for this Wedding Season | 2023 Trends

Wedding season is not only one of the busiest times of the year but also a time frame where floral artists dare to explore different ways to portray trends besides the traditional white and cream color palettes.

Thanks to social media, brides have access to see what floral artists around the world are doing and since they all want a unique wedding, they’re willing to be disruptive and choose non-traditional shades & compositions.

In this edition, we will show you just this! Trendy and vibrant color creations that add contrast and harmony to the floral experience.

Get inspired!


A garden-like fantasy

Switch it up a notch. We created a solemn yet romantic experience inspired by a peachy-nude palette with pops of our nude tinted roses.

We added drama and depth by elongating the stems of our roses and accentuating their head size. Also, by grouping the same varieties, we can make a statement and give each rose a moment to shine while deconstructing the traditional idea of an altar.

Mystic’s tinted roses are your ally to create the most astonishing and prominent color palettes.

We decided to elevate our peachy palette with earthy bicolored tinted roses achieving a gardenlike fantasy, with our Nude tinted varieties.


The perfect duo

A pretty table is hard to forget. Here we showcase a complementary color palette that creates a visually striking and eye-catching combination. With a balance between the brightness of yellows and the softness of lilacs you can build a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

The reason this color palette works so well is that it’s rooted in color theory. When complementary colors come together they create a dynamic and visually appealing contrast that can make the composition come alive.


Lavender, Peach & Reds

Take risks and create your own rules. Use our Tinted Gypsophila XLence® to create a color block and transition through the composition with our beautiful fresh roses. Highlight our pink roses by combining them with peach and red varieties.

Create a base using Mystic’s tinted Gypsophila in different shades to accompany the color segments of the roses.

By playing with different heights of Gypsophila, Craspedias and fresh long stem roses you can create negative spaces which allows for a more refreshing and abundant table runner.

We go out to hunt the trends, so you don’t have to!

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