A garden-like fantasy | Switch it up a notch. We created a solemn yet romantic experience inspired by a peachy-nude palette with pops of our nude tinted roses.

The perfect duo | A pretty table is hard to forget. Here we showcase a complementary color palette that creates a visually striking and eye-catching combination. With a balance between the brightness of yellows and the softness of lilacs you can build a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

Lavender, Peach & Reds | Take risks and create your own rules. Use our Tinted Gypsophila XLence® to create a color block and transition through the composition with our beautiful fresh roses. Highlight our pink roses by combining them with peach and red varieties.

Mauve Bouquet  | Bridal bouquets are a high ticket item, brides want something special that differentiates them from the rest. Here we designed a mauve tone bouquet with vintage undertones for an edgy bride.

It’s time to take advantage of this year’s hottest trends for this festive season. The wild & garden-style arrangement featuring the color-block experience. Use different flower shapes and sizes, to create texture and a natural appearance of a freshly gathered arrangement.

Transform your business by crafting a lobby experience that not only captivates your customers but also sets you apart. Let’s craft the focal point that will make your brand truly stand out.



Our years of experience in the market have led us to develop good farming & sustainable practices. In addition, our logistic optimization services guarantee our clients top-quality flowers and customer service.



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