Mystic's On Trend Collections


Mystic has a wide selection of vivid and vibrant reds, hot pinks, oranges & bright yellows. This colors can create an intense contrast and a pop of color to any compositions making them strong statement.


Our Blend-in shades are perfect for everyday use since they are the go-to tones when harmonizing any color palette. Plus, they mix perfectly with any other color in the color spectrum. Get delighted with our wide range of peachy bicolored tones that will allow florists to make sharp color transitions in their compositions and are practical enough to use throughout the year.


Our Mauve Collection is highly functional and timeless. Mauves are blushy lilacs that sit between lavender and pink. In Mystic, we have a broad spectrum of lavenders and dusty pinks you can choose from to achieve this popular color palette. Plus, these colors contrasted beautifully with other tones like red, yellow, and oranges.


This collection provides our clients a selection of dreamy whites, yellow buttercup, nuanced neutrals, and pearly pinks. Selecting the proper wedding rose everything! With Mystic’s Wedding Collection, floral artist can enjoy detailed & sophisticated blooms while designing.


What is more sophisticated and stylish than garden roses? At Mystic we have a curated collection of garden-type roses ideal for weddings. They are a crowd favorite due to their high petal count, crisp opening, ruffles, and complex shaping. Since garden roses are timeless they can be used any time of the year and florists most will be amazed as they reveal their unique overlapping petals and distinctive scent.


These multi-purpose varieties are grown with top-notch Ecuadorian quality, known for being handy & functional by not only adding texture but also for acting as great fillers or as a focal flower that performs as a statement piece.


Splurge on a diverse selection of our Tinted Rose Collection, where we redefined traditional tinted flowers through trends. We coolhunted the latest fashion & interiorism trends to create the perfect shades and textures. The colors of our tinted collection are versatile, seasonless, and for everyday use. This is a collection where sophistication meets edgy.