The Ecuadorian Collections

Highland Nude Collection


Receive a warm embrace when you enter the Andes Highlands; let the mountains and the snow-covered volcanos welcome you in their magnificence. Experience the nude colors of the terrain around you, the light blue sky, and the heritage of our culture. Transform them into symbols of elegance, wellness, and sobriety with these delicate colors that will excite your imagination.

Volcanic Lands Collection

The Galápagos Islands

Close your eyes and find yourself in an enchanted land born of fire and volcanic rocks, a land with no fear, where wildlife lives in harmony with their surroundings sheltered by a sanctuary.  The Galapagos Islands inspires evolution and innovation as a result this is a collection filled with hot-dark reds, hot pink, oranges, and even rich black. Create wonders with this selection let these powerful colors pulse through your body and grasp your soul

Amazonian Collection


Listen to the profound sounds of all the wild animals, feel the rain, the humidity that surrounds you with warmth, you have now reached the majestic Amazonian jungle. Those vibrant colors and wild textures are what inspired the Amazonian Collection. The lively combinations of green, yellow and blue colors create a day full of freshness. The nuances of each shade allow us to transmit that Amazonian energy. Let our extravagant tropical forest stimulate the artist within you.

Tropical Sunset Collection


Feel the warm soothing breeze and smell the pacific sea, immerse yourself in the lukewarm and salty water to sense the energy and force of the sea; just let yourself go with the tide. You have now reached the tropical coastal region we invite you to stare at that pleasant heaven where the sun is about to set, and the hints of peach, orange, pink and purple in a light blue sky blend perfectly and provoke the perfect quietness where creativity is born.