Red is always in

Red is found in all the new and exciting floral trends since it’s a color that works great in different color palettes.

Get inspired by these trends:

1. Transitions with Red

You can use red tones as a unifying color in color transitions. For example, mixing it with colors to create a rainbow effect when blending it with orange, red, and, fuchsia tones.

A trend that is very in!

2. Color Block

The famous “color block” trend is when you unify colors in blocks to accentuate and intensify the use of the color. For instance, conglomerating all red roses together in one part of the composition and then having them contrast with another nucleus of flowers. Plus a red reflex rose will give more drama to the mix. 

Floral Designer (Right): - Floral Designer (Left):

3. Pop of Color

Floral Designer (Right): - Floral Designer (Left):

Reds tones are also amazing when you want to create a pop of color. Red will always contrast well with other berry tones, lilacs and deep purples.

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