A Color Revolution

This magazine is design to inspire modern-day women. This being, determined women, who like doing things differently and think outside the box. In this issue, we showcase the color of today’s women by taking the traditional white, lavender, pink and red palettes and giving them a disruptive twist. All of this through the trend of monochromes. We want to inspire you with examples to give a monochrome look a pop of spontaneity & personality.

Pink Explosion

All Pink

What is pinker than Women’s Day? Pink is the epitome of femininity and sorority. Here’s an example of this in full Bloom by using Mystic´s pinks. In this design, you can appreciate a pink explosión of different gradients of pink that go exquisitely together. Our favorites are V.I. Pink, Pink Floyd, Hermosa, Be Sweet, Luciano, Engagement and Amsterdam.

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Mystic’s Pinks

Lavender Craze

Elevating the Lavender Experience

Let’s spice the traditional feminine lavender by playing with a wide range of undertones that vary from pink hues like our Queen’s Crown to a more blue and gray undertone bloom like Ocean Song or Menta.

Playing with gradients creates an optical illusion in which florists can propose an out-of-the-box creation.

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Mystic’s Lavenders

Prominent White

White with Pops of Orange & Blue

We present a white monochrome design with a twist. Here we have a white base made up from our varieties White Chocolate, Polar Star, and Playa Blanca, cleverly combined with contrasting colors like the true orange of Orange crush and our tinted light blue Bubbly blue rose. These two colors allow our white focal moment to appear brighter and more prominent.

The Redder

The Bolder

A Red Statement

Let’s give an audacious turn to the classic must-have red look by using Mystic’s delicate variations like Hearts, Explorer, Freedom, and Rediant and adding fine drawn accents of other tones derived from red, like burgundies and hot pinks for a bold effect.

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Mystic’s Reds


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