Wild Essence for Tender Moments | Wday 2024

Celebrate this Women’s Day with our latest magazine edition exploring the cutting edge of floral trends and innovation!

Dive into the pages of our magazine for insightful trends, unique varieties and discover how sustainable techniques are revolutionizing compositions, highlighting ecoconscious choices in floral arrangements.

Enjoy & get inspired!

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in this magazine:


A wild statement piece

Innovative concepts, shapes, color schemes, and novel materials are featured to create something amazing and stunning when talking about flower compositions. As a result, floral artists around the world are seeking high-end, bold, and unique varieties to create a masterpiece.

The cherry on top! 👉 Fruits & vegetables are use in floral designs in a creative way to bring the beauty of the garden and floral elements together.


Romance & Luxury

This year, whites, earthy tones, and soft pinkish-orange hues are trending. Sustainable techniques are transforming floral compositions, with chicken wire offering versatility for dynamic & contemporary arrangements.

Sustainable techniques are revolutionizing compositions as floral designers are every day more aware of sustainable practices.


Monochrome with contrast

We present a white monochrome design with a twist. Create a white base cleverly combined with contrasting colors like the true orange and blue hues to give the white a brighter & prominent focal moment.

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