The Expression of Love | Vday 2024

We want to show you the latest trends and your must-have picks for this V-Day season. We know, that keeping up with flower varieties is vital to truly stand out, this is why we have hand picked only the best for this 2024.

Dare to explore unique color palettes and new red shades of the market.

Enjoy & get inspired!

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in this magazine:


Make your event viral

Floor structures allows you to create an intimate & private space for the ultimate experience.

If you aim for the perfect money shot, you can rely on color blocking for floor installations. When you group your varieties by hues, you can create a contrast that shows beautifully on camera.



More is more

Red is the signature color of this month; it contrasts beautifully when it’s combined with a pop of fuchsia & peach. Differentiate your business with a grand bouquet collection that will capture your customers’ eyes. For this, you must use the biggest blooms & the most striking colors.

Make sure to propose unique palettes that enhance the traditional red to stand out from the rest.

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