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Savia Bruta Interview

Our Mystic Flowers’ Cool Hunting Segment is created to inspire you by presenting floral designers and artists who transmit their essence through their work.

Johanna Gonzalez Interview

Johanna is an artist known for her soft, fluid, and ethereal designs tho she showcases an edgy and modern version of the classical garden style.

Blumenhaus Interview

We proudly present Valen Ibarra, flower artist, founder, and owner of Blumenhaus in Denver, Colorado. Her signature style is out of this world, giving us a heavy dose of the Intergalactic Flower Art.

Flor.mosura Interview

We are proud to introduce Marcela, a florist known as FlorMosura, the true definition of an entrepreneur.

Pepperbloom Interview

We proudly present Emilia Burbano and Deniz Aksoy from Pepperbloom Flowers. An incredible duo of floral designers based in Quito, Ecuador.

Sra. Ora Interview

We proudly present Juliana Bustillo or Mrs. Ora; she is a Colombian floral designer and founder and creative director of “Ora the Flower Agency”.