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Our Mystic Flower’s Cool Hunting Segment is created to inspire you by presenting floral, designers, event planners, and artists who transmit their essence through our Mystics Flower’s Collections.

A day in Ecuador can be a truly magical experience for whoever ventures to visit these mystical lands. You navigate through the Amazon River, climb the Andes Mountains, and gaze upon a mesmerizing sunset from our white sand beaches all in one day. Our collections are inspired by our lands’ richest diversity and ecosystems and Ecuadorian pride.


Tell us about Fiori?

Fiori means flowers in Italian; we created our company 18 years ago in Quito, Ecuador, and six years ago in Miami, Florida.

We started making flower arrangements and, a few years later, with event decorations, which is now our primary business.

What differentiates Fiori’s work from other event designers?

We specialize in flower arrangements and event designs with furniture like tables, chairs, lounges, lamps, etc. We don’t consider ourselves planners; we are event designers.

The main difference with other decoration companies is that we care about the environment. We have sustainable policies. We go beyond reducing, reusing, and recycling. We avoid contamination while working with our client’s budgets.

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What are the 3 main qualities that an event designer should have?

  • Creativity
  • Being flexible and organized
  • Collaborative team that can solve any problem

How much of your events budget do you recommend for flowers?

It depends on the number of guests and venue because it is not the same doing a wedding at the beach than doing it at a luxury hotel.

But to give you a number, we recommend at least 20% of the budget for flowers and another 20% for decoration (tables, chairs, linens, etc.).

Tell us about an interesting experience in your day-to-day

One of the most astonishing weddings we have done this year is Matt and Sofia´s. It was amazing because since the beginning we had great communication. Their ideas and vision about that day were incredible and unique. We worked for many days for the event set-up, in result everything turned out great. Everyone was extremely surprised. The different types of floral combinations are endless, agreeingly, the bride chose an amazing final decoration with beautiful flowers.

Photo: @marupogo

What was your biggest challenge when planning this event?

The biggest challenge was hanging these enormous

arrangements from the ceiling one day before the wedding. Because we had to maintain the flowers extremely hydrated, these were on the floor for easy access; therefore, we needed more room to work on the tables, chairs, and lounges for the entire event. On top of that, we needed more time to bring the arrangements to the ceiling and set up everything else. The time to complete all of these was limited and challenging.

As soon as we hung the arrangements, we waited for all

the water to come down, clean the floors, and then we could start setting up all the other event decorations.

Photo: @marupogo

And how did you solve it?

The location was a beautiful crystal cube in the middle of a lagoon, so we created a separate area with tents next to the main event to have all the items ready to be moved. Because of time constraints, we brought in many people to clean, dry, and move the remaining decorations. It was stressful, but everyone ended up very happy and gratified with the results.

What is your favorite rose or flower from Mystic?

My favorite is the garden rose variety, as they are rare. They open beautifully. Another one is hydrangeas.

Photo: @marupogo

How do you look for trends?

We attend workshops at least every two years all around the world, also, we hired influential designers to visit us in Ecuador to train our team on flower designing.

Furthermore, we follow designers on social media and develop the client’s ideas for a beautiful event.

Photo: @marupogo

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the world of event designers?

It is very important to attend to workshops and have a business plan.

Use a lot your creativity, have a big and organized warehouse, take the time to train your team, and the most important… you must love what you do.

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