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Our Mystic Flowers’ Cool Hunting Segment is created to inspire you by presenting floral designers and artists who transmit their essence through their work.

Our collections are inspired by the richest diversity and ecosystems of our lands and our Ecuadorian pride.

We proudly present Valen Ibarra, flower artist, founder, and owner of Blumenhaus in Denver, Colorado. Her signature style is out of this world, giving us a heavy dose of Intergalactic Flower Art. We can say that her unique creations are the perfect definition of a Pisces; fantasy and reality coherently explore boundless imagination. Valen shows her extraordinary magical creation with Mystic’s fresh and tinted roses.

Let’s escape the ordinary!

Who is Valen Ibarra? Introduce yourself

Hey everyone haha I’m Valen I’m 30 I’m a floral artist in Denver Co. I’m a Pisces haha.

How did your love for the flowers begin?

My mom and grandma taught me so much about plants and flowers ever since I was little.

Tell us the story behind the name “Blumenhaus”?

Blumenhaus is German for house of flowers, my family is very German and Irish. My grandpa was like my dad and passed away a few years ago, then my grandma passed away last year, I wanted to honor my family with a name that felt like us.

Which was your first post that went viral?

I did a lavender/pink and blue installation that got some really awesome attention last year.

How would you describe your style?

Intergalactic Flower Art

Tell us about your creation with Mystic’s roses. What was the inspiration? How did you choose the color palette?

Most of my color palettes are completely random and I’m literally just picking out colors I love in the moment. Everything I design is very intuitive based. It’s all on how I feel.

Tell us about the bouquet veil

One day I was designing a bouquet and added the tulle and I went to go cut it and thought, “this looks better with the long tulle” and that was that.

Can you tell us about 35 under 35? How did you feel to get nominated in 35 under 35?

It felt amazing! I still can’t believe it. It was an honor to be on the list with a lot of my talented friends.

What is your favorite moment so far working in the flower industry?

Probably getting my floral studio together so I can create whatever I want now.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself, doing what I love with the people I love and helping baby florists find their way.

What do you want to be known for?

I’d love to be known for my color palettes, anthurium, and crazy ideas. Mostly I want to be known as a kind supportive person in the industry.

What tips would you share with new florist?

I love this question!

Do whatever you want, follow your ideas don’t listen to anyone else don’t take other peoples opinions into you. It can feel lonely but no one is you, no one sees the fully vision. Don’t let anyone talk you out of a wild idea.

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