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Our Mystic Flower’s Cool Hunting Segment is created to inspire you by presenting floral designers and artists who transmit their essence through our Mystics Flower’s Collections.

A day in Ecuador can be a truly magical experience for whoever ventures to visit these mystical lands. You navigate through the Amazon River, climb the Andes Mountains, and gaze upon a mesmerizing sunset from our white sand beaches all in one day. Our collections are inspired by the richest diversity and ecosystems of our lands and our Ecuadorian pride.

We proudly present Juliana Bustillo or Sra. Ora; she is a Colombian floral designer and owner of “Ora the Flower Agency”. Juliana and her team have transformed the way people interact and perceive the magical floral design world. They create sensorial floral experiences that get people talking. That’s why Juliana and her team were part of the development of our booth for the IFTF 2021 in The Netherlands.

What inspires Sra. Ora?

What inspires me the most is everything authentic.
The authenticity of cultures.
The authenticity of the things that we obtain in the street or in the park.
The natural foliage.
I am inspired by the infinite colors and shades of flowers.
People inspire me.
Teamwork inspires me a lot, I find it incredible all the things that can be achieved when working with an organized team.

Please tell us about the creative process for the Mystic Flowers’ booth at the IFTF 2021 in The Netherlands?

After listening and understanding the essence of the brand and who are the people behind Mystic Flowers; it was very clear and important that the stand reflected the essence of a proudly Ecuadorian company that wanted to stand out and make a statement. So, in the creative planning and creation stages of the stand, I focused on the characteristic of Ecuadorian culture and there we understood various elements that are represented on the stand.

The first of them were textiles, so we designed and incorporated fabric with patterns inspired by the typical costumes from Ecuador’s indigenous people. This fabric was the centerpiece of the main wall and it surrounded the stands laterals. On the other hand, we began to inquire about Cayambe’s architecture (a city located 1h30 from the capital and the home of Mystic Flowers’ roses). There is a central castle in this city, and we decided then to recreate the same architectural forms of the palace on our arch. This was key for creating our concept and connecting the flower design of the stand and the Ecuadorian essence.

For us it was very important to create a stand that was focused on understanding the needs of the final customer (florists and event planners) and wholesalers by creating four points of contact:

The first point of contact we display not only new varieties, but also exhibited different shapes and inspirational compositions so that customers could imagine a new kind of floral philosophy.

The second point of contact was the arch, which was a representation of what a florist or an event planner can make in an event.

The third point of contact was the table stilling, another key point that is in trend. The art of the table.

And finally, the back part, an asymmetrical and organic composition using chicken wire without any oasis. Creating arrangements that go from design to art. There were four flower arrangements, each one represented a Mystic Flowers’ Ecuadorian Collections; the Amazonian, volcanic, highland and tropical sunset.

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