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Our Mystic Flower’s Cool Hunting Segment is created to inspire you by presenting floral designers and artists who transmit their essence through our Mystics Flower’s Collections.

A day in Ecuador can be a truly magical experience for whoever ventures to visit these mystical lands. You navigate through the Amazon River, climb the Andes Mountains, and gaze upon a mesmerizing sunset from our white sand beaches all in one day. Our collections are inspired by the richest diversity and ecosystems of our lands and our Ecuadorian pride.

We proudly present Emilia Burbano and Deniz Aksoy from Pepperbloom Flowers. An incredible duo of Ecuadorian floral designers based in Quito, Ecuador.

What does it mean to be an Ecuadorian florist?

“It is a thrilling but also challenging job. We have the most amazing roses to work with as well as amazing flowers, that inspire us to create. But it is challenging because even though we live in a country filled with flowers, most of them are exported and sent abroad; we are left with gaps in colors and varieties that make it difficult to plan ahead.

Being an Ecuadorian florist means being a very creative and smart problem-solving professional, that plans ahead but will always has to improvise and find last-minute solutions due to changes in the availability in flowers!!!!”

How do you define Ecuadorian culture in 3 words?

Diverse, vibrant and colorful.
We are a mix of modern and a touch of whimsical.”

For you, what is the most representative flower of Ecuador?

“Roses for sure! We are surrounded by them everywhere we go. They are the most beautiful roses in the world.”

Let’s talk inspiration… ¿Where do you get your inspiration from?

“Everywhere!!! We live in a magical country with so much beauty surrounding us, that wherever we go we love to take our scissors and forage the wildflowers we come across and to find ways that we can include wild foliage or flowers in all of our arrangements. Our style is very natural and boho, so we try to make our arrangements feel like you are in a field of flowers, so our inspiration is everywhere!”

What is an Ecuadorian artist main trait? What identifies you?

“Ecuadorian artists have creative minds that mix different processes, products and inspiration from different regions. Being situated in the equator we have the chance to experience different aspects of our surroundings people, weather, etc.

It’s hard to say what identifies us since we have a mix of cultures running through our veins. Deniz is Turkish/Ecuadorian and Emilia Ecuadorian, so what identifies us is our love for flowers and our similar taste for the simple and finer things.”

What is your creative process to take this inspiration and transform it into realization?

“Our creative process always begins with what’s in our surroundings. Organic flowy structures, nature, contemporary architecture, and color pallets.
We make storyboards for all types of events weddings parties Photoshoots. Then use locally produced flowers to give texture and movement. Lastly, define focal flowers which tie our entire process.”

What career goals have you set for the next 5 years?

“As a small independent floral brand, the past few years have been very challenging. We are finally seeing a turnaround in the market, so we will continue to grow locally, but we are aiming for an international market. In 5 years, we would love to see our brand being recognized in a few cities abroad (fingers crossed).”

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