A Trend Guide For This Mother’s Day 2024 Season

It’s finally Mother’s Day! This time around it is time to prioritize comfort and well-being with a soulful touch. Floral trends around the world lean towards a strippedback approach, making feel-good products a must.

Enjoy & get inspired!


Where colorful harmony meets serenity

This harmonious interplay of vibrant and comforting tones combines the warmth of oak and sage shades, establishing a tranquil canvas for comfort and serenity.


An earthy palette for a season of well-being

This blend of tones elevates the art of gifting. Grounded in warm Terracotta & Taupe shades, it sets the stage for comfort and tranquility.

Elevating the gifting idea

More and more

This heartfelt combination of colors shows a new way of blending lighter shades of pink and white with pops of color like lavender and our green Lemonade rose to make a stunning contrast.

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