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Magical Diamonds Red

Magical Diamonds Red® Lepidium – Connect to nature, Energize your wellness

Our Mystic’s Magical Diamonds Red bread by Danzinger is a light, airy, long-lasting, sturdy and decorative unique filler for flower arrangements.
Its small and unique berries add to the value of this flower’s character and usefulness in both fresh and dried applications.

The flower has a fresh brings a fun and exciting purple-pink shade that evokes nature. It is a standard-bearer of positive energy.

Magical Diamonds Red® invites consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate. It makes people feel pure and fresh and gives them a sense of balance. This Lepidium is much more than a filler flower. The Magical Diamonds Red® is absolutely fabulous.

Lenght cm
55 – 70
Vase Life
10 – 12