Mother’s Day | Celebrate it: Big, Bright & Bold

Let’s talk Mother’s day! One of our industries’ busiest days and also one where our clients want to explore with different shades and this is exactly what we want to show you in this issue. Here you will find new color palettes and a twists on the classic Mother’s Day color combinations. We present to you new possibilities for Mother’s Day gifting. You are in for a treat. Enjoy!


Elevating a gifting idea

This heartfelt combination of colors shows a new way of blending lighter shades of pink and white with pops of color like lavender and our green Lemonade rose to make a stunning contrast.

Plus you can add other decorative elements, such as ribbons.

In this composition, you can appreciate a wide range of Mystic’s light pinks like Be sweet, Titanic, and last but never least Hermosa.

Always rely on our Queen’s Crown to give a bold statement, not only for its over-the-top head size, but also luscious ruffled opening.

Mystic’s Hermosa is ideal if you are looking for a long-lasting rose. This variety has a perfect & uniform opening with a strong stem that allows florists to create unique compositions. Its pink shade blends perfectly with any color palette and is also Mystic’s Reflex Test approved.


Mystic’s pink lemonade palette


Three different compositions that works as one

Here we want to inspire you to mix two of the hottest trends for 2023: color transition + bold colors.

Let’s start off with blending a bright explosion of our V.I.Pink with our red Heart, Freedom & Explorer, continued with a fall-like transition of rusty oranges and mustard shades like our earthytoned Tinted Collection, and finishing off with our Nina and Goldfinch to give a pop of color.


Mystic’s blen-in bold colors


Bold colors, Bold wrapping & Bold Ribbons

Be BOLD with your flower selection, wrapping style & complementary ribbons.

Here we show you a bold color bouquet starting from yellows to reds to hot pink, where roses are front stage & center of attraction.

Boost your design by adding volume with wrapping papers and extend the color of the roses experience with matching ribbons.

Make sure this color is the star of the show by adding some pops of Craspedia PaintballTM Jumbo with different heights for a focal moment.


Mystic’s bold

We go out to hunt the trends, so you don’t have to!

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