Shades of Valentine’s

Let’s talk V-Day…

One of our industry’s busiest days and a usual synonym of the classic red rose and gypsophila. 

This combination has been represented for the past 30 years and florists want something different to make them stand out in this season. 

Nothing grows in comfort zones and this also applies to traditional Valentine’s colors. Floral artists around the world are exploring new ways of highlighting the classical red with other color combinations like orange, lilacs, and of course pinks! 

So for this Valentine’s season, we invite you to leave no stone unturned and innovate with your color selection. Besides, if it’s a day intended to gift flowers let’s give people something to really talk about!

Color Block: Lilac & Red

Love has many colors, this also applies to Valentine’s shades 

We present to you the Color-Block experience where we highlight red by contrasting it with a striking lilac. Even though you can color-block red with any color, these lilac tones do the trick to really accentuate the brightness of red shades.

A creation out of this world! 

Check out Marcela Bazana’s @flormosura, one of our Mystic Army floral artist, interpretation of the trend: Color Block: Reds & Lilacs. 

Heads up! Notice the power of The Nina! 

It’s an ideal substitute for a more traditional shade of red since it adds brightness, blends in perfectly with other tones and it’s life in vase exceeds 20 days. 

In our in-depth interviews with trendsetting floral artists, we discovered that Nina is the second most solicited variety of roses for them and also one that is hard to get. Let’s give our florists something different that will help them stand out. 

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V-day Reds

Color Transition

Refresh the classic red by playing with analogous colors to brighten it up

Although red is the epitome of romance, floral artists are looking to refresh the classic red by playing with the Color Transition trend. It means transitioning the color red to other analogous colors like orange and yellow just to brighten it up.

This trend invites florists to explore, not only with other shades of red but also to revitalize their compositions while still giving red tones a focal moment.

In this composition, you can see our yellow Tycoon which has this beautiful mustard color that blends in perfectly with oranges and adds a subtle pop of color to the mix.

Be smart on your budget by adding yellow to your V-Day collections!

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V-day Transitional Shades

Monchrome: Shades of Red

Let’s keep on playing with red!

We introduce you to the lastest craze:

Monochromes. This means using different shades of saturation of the same color when designing.

In this creation, you can see how delicately shades of red are used while adding fine-drawn accents of other tones that are born from red like burgundy & hot pink.

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V-day Monochroms Romantic Shades

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