Expo Flores 2022

At Mystic we created an installation that sets new standards.

We devised an ephemeral architecture piece that represented and was aligned with the latest trends in interior design by including curves and organic shapes as its main structure, as well as contrasting elements and finishing touches such as cement and wood. We created a warm and inviting look and feel, that highlighted the most important points of contact.

The new Mystic brand was launched at this stage.  

The concept reflects the essence of our brand. The elegance, creativity, and connection with natural elements were what set this stand apart.

Part of this innovative design were the flower arrangements. We played with different flowers stems heights in the vase to give movement and create asymmetry in the compositions. Also, the different vase shapes and heights enhanced this look.

We showcased a great variety of our portfolio, which has a wide range of varieties from A to Z that any florist can enjoy. To visually reflect this diversity, it was very important to group the flowers in a gradient of colors, creating harmony between the roses’ natural colors.

In addition to this, it was very important for us to incorporate the “coming soon” varieties that were chosen as a result of the findings of the in-depth study with interviews with trendsetting floral artists all around the world. Also, to highlight our garden rose collection, which is of great importance and interest to our clients.

Our floral installation was the perfect spot to show the diversity of the portfolio in varieties and shades. This was a perfect space of opportunity for people to take pictures and spread content, allowing the New Brand’s Identity a much higher reach worldwide.

Two details of great value complemented our stand’s experience. The florists’ LIVE DEMO, which has never been seen at fairs before. In this special invitation, we had 3 top floral artists who showed us how Mystic’s varieties look in real compositions and the use of sustainable floral techniques with the kenzan or pin frog and chicken wire.

And finally, the last detail was the bar, where we made sure to have spectacular personalized cocktails conceptualized and named after some of our favorite rose varieties such as “Bumble Gin”, (our personal favorite), which perfectly complemented the work tables areas where the commercial team attended to our dear clients.

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