Experts in Sea Freight Shipping

As a flower producer, we have always focused on making our company’s processes sustainable as well as functional. We know this is key to our business, industry, our clients, and the environment. We at Mystic pride ourselves in being pioneers and experts in shipping the highest quality floral products by air or sea.

Mystic has been shipping floral products by sea container since 2012. To be successful in this innovative and eco-friendly shipping method, we have researched and tested various processes with our products to obtain successful outcomes. This experience has given us the expertise and understanding of many key issues such as temperature management, hydration methods, suitable flower varieties, proper containers, efficient packaging and more.

Temperature control and understanding the genetics of each flower variety is key

Each flower must be cared for and produced with key nutrients and conditions for this process to be successful. All flowers must go through a strict post-harvest treatment that includes over 24 hours of hydration and strict temperature controls between 1 – 2 degree Celsius.

This process is verified and controlled by our lead by our Quality control director at Mystic. This process includes sending floral samples to third party laboratories where our flowers are examined and approved for superior quality standards.

We can now ship over 80 varieties of roses and summer flowers by sea container due to our rigorous testing processes and controls.

During shipping, each sea container can fit up to 22 pallets of floral products. Products have been shipped to the United States (Miami, Los Angeles) and Europe (Holland) all year round by sea.

What is next?

For the future we are working on finding more efficient and sustainable materials and new destinations to send our beautiful Ecuadorian Flowers to our customers around the globe.

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