Our growth is unstoppable!

Our growth is unstoppable!

Over these last few years, Mystic has grown considerably. We have brought our wholesale market production acreage to 129ha that counts with over 130 varieties of Premium roses and summer flowers, while strengthening our sustainable model that is firmly ingrained in our DNA.

A key part to this strategy has been an in depth understanding of our clients and the final consumer (florist, event planners etc) led by our Marketing and R&D department. 

Logistic optimization that “strives to find the best logistic solutions for our clients, industry, and planet.”

Taking care of the community by working together with Fundación Azulado, an Ecuadorian non-profit organization that brings support to children and their families with educational programs.

Sustainable practices that bring all a safe and sound working environment.

Expanding assortment & markets

We continuously work to inspire. See more info in this article.


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