Nothing like Ecuadorian Roses

Roses are nature's most beautiful gift—long coveted for their beauty, sweet fragrance and as the ultimate symbol of our love.
Roses from Ecuador have larger buds and fuller blooms, with colors more vibrant than any other rose. This stimulates photsynthesis—maximizing plant metabolism, growth and color intensity!

Ecuadorian Roses have larger, fuller blooms and last longer

Our Mystic farms are located high in the Andes Mountains. This means our flowers grow over rich, volcanic soil under perpendicular sunrays with longer hours of daylight than you can´t find anywhere else in the world. Ecuadorian roses grow with longer, thicker and heartier stems, making them the premium rose choice. We produce all-around stunning flowers with larger buds and fuller blooms — unlike any you’ve ever seen. Because of these unmatched growing conditions and perfect temperatures, the roses are stronger and remain fresh for the longest period of time.

Roses from Ecuador boast stunning, vibrant colors

Ecuadorian roses are one of a kind—offering more colors to choose from, in almost every color imaginable . . . dream of rich shades of red, light pink, perfect pinks, peaches, salmon, white, lavender, orange, yellow, cream, greens even bi colored tones and more.—more vibrant and colorful than any other rose, because they grow closer to the equator where they bask in more sunlight—up to 12 hours a day.

Ecuador offers the most unique growing conditions—and roses—in the world

Ecuadorian roses are beautiful in color and size, come in a stunning array of colors, and have a much longer vase life. Rose farms are especially beneficial to our ecosystems—providing vital pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies. It’s no surprise that that roses from Ecuador have become the most popular with flower lovers around the world and a favorite among florist, wedding planners, event planners—and considered one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day!

Source: Colour Republic

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