A Sustainable Business – Our Passion

A Sustainable Business – Our Passion

This is who we truly are: A proud Ecuadorian flower company that wants to impact people’s lives and moments in a positive way.

We started in 1997 craving to show the world the beauty and premium quality of Ecuadorian roses. We have been part of this beautiful industry since it all began, witnessing and being part of its expansion reaching new horizons. 

As a producer we have always focused, primarily, on making every step of the process functional, complete, innovative and sustainable, this is why we can offer our customers consistent premium quality Ecuadorian flower varieties.

Our sustainability is based on three main pillars:


We are aware of the social needs of our communities; we know that our actions and commitment as a company will make a powerful impact and increase the possibilities of real change. This is why we proudly partnered with Fundación Azulado.

  • Our employees have continuous educational meetings by Fundación Azulado experts, in which they cultivate their personal and family well-being.


We use a variety of eco-friendly systems to take care of every resource involved in the flower production processes. We take care of the water, soil, air, and each one of our employees.

  • 100% compliance with the Ecuadorian environmental regulatory framework; one of the strictest in Latin America.
  • We are pioneers in the development of new organic fertilizers and nutrients made with microorganisms that maintain our soils well-balanced, rich in nutrients, and fertile.
  • We are proud to say that 100% of our wastewater is treated and reused.
  • Rainwater is captured, stored and used in the crop.
  • Continuous educational meetings by Fundación Azulado experts regarding positive discipline & parenting training.
  • We are experts in Ocean Freight Shipping from Ecuador to the world.


We have a true commitment to the well-being of our staff and strengthening our community.

  • 100% compliance with the Ecuadorian Labor Conditions Regulatory Framework.
  • We have consistent training plans for our employees, which allows them to maintain personal and professional growth.
  • Ecuador has the highest living wage in Latin America, that compensates our collaborators with fair working hours and living conditions.
  • As of now, 46% of our collaborators are women, and 54% are men.
  • 2% of our staff are between the ages of 18 – 20
  • 21% of our staff are over 40 years old.
  • We support the government’s program “Your First Job”.
  • We provide medical checkups for our staff that helps us maintain less than 1% of absenteeism due to illness.
  • Our employees have maternity benefits such as 3 months of paid maternity leave.
  • Transportations to and from their homes. 
  • Strong occupational security and risk management programs.
  • Nutritional meals for our employees. 
  • And more.

Being sustainable means continuous improvement, hard work, dedication, and growth. This is why it takes passion to make it possible. We strive daily to make real change in our world, leaving it a better place with everything we do.  

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